Most Catches in ODI World Cup History | Overall & Year-wise

The list of Most catches in ODI World Cup history sheds light on the key fielders of the most prestigious cricket tournaments. Every cricket fan around the globe looks forward to it, as it brings together the best teams to compete against each other. Fielding is fundamental to any cricket match, like batting and bowling. In the ODI World Cup history, some outstanding fielders have made some of the most breathtaking catches. A fantastic catch can change the excitement of the overall match and turn the match result at any time, and it is important if you bet on cricket world cup as well.

Find the complete list of the most catches in ODI World Cup.

Significance of Catches in World Cups

In the ODI World Cup, fielding is one of the key aspects. The player who takes the highest number of catches in the tournament is said to have the record for most catches in ODI World Cup. This record is a testament to the player’s skill and agility in the field.

Who Has Taken the Most Catches in ODI World Cup?

The record for the most catches in an ODI is held by Ricky Ponting (Australia) – Two-time-world cup-winning captain, who has taken 28 catches in 46 matches. He is followed by JE Root from England with 20 catches in 17 matches and ST Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka with 18 catches in 38 matches.

Top 5 Players With The Most Catches in ODI World Cup History

Here is the list of the top five players with the most catches in the ODI World Cup –


Player Catches Catches Matches
RT Ponting (Australia) 28 46
JE Root (England) 20 17
ST Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) 18 38
CH Gayle (West Indies) 17 35
Faf Du Plessis (South Africa) 16 23

All these fielders were truly electrifying on the field, and it reflects on the stats chart.

Season-wise Most Catches in all ODI World Cups

Look at the most catches in the ODI world cup by each season. The list has latest-first approach from 2019 to 1975.


Year Player Catches Catches
2019 Joe Root 13
2015 Dinesh Ramdin 10
2011 Brad Haddin 7
2007 Kumar Sangakkara 7
2003 Adam Gilchrist 21
1999 Ridley Jacobs 14
1995 Ian Healy 9
1991 DJ Richardson 14
1987 Greg Dyer 9
1983 Jeff Dujon 15
1979 Deryck Murray 7
1975 Rod Marsh 9

Who Will Have the Most Catches in ODI World Cup 2023?

ODI World Cup 2023 will begin on 5th October 2023 with the England vs New Zealand match, and the final match will be held on 19th November 2023. This season, we might see some new records of the most records. Here’s the list of players who might have the most catches in the tournament. This list is purely based on historical data and potential.

  • Rohit Sharma
  • Steve Smith
  • David Miller
  • Ravindra Jadeja
  • Babar Azam

Fielding is an essential aspect of cricket, and taking catches is one of the most crucial skills a fielder can possess. All these fielders have helped their respective teams win matches and left a lasting impression on cricket fans worldwide.

Concluding Thoughts

World Cup 2023 is around the corner, and you can place the most catches bet on online cricket betting platforms to win big. So get ready for the biggest tournament of the year, where you may witness some of the best fielders in the world!

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