Best Bets For the ICC World Cup 2023

Four years have gone by faster than we expected, and another ICC Cricket World Cup is in front of us. Just like with any other prestigious sporting competition, giving predictions is what comes before the start of the matches.

There are plenty of factors to consider, but England is coming to India to try and defend their title from 2019. They are not the favourites this year but still have a fair chance of raising the trophy. Luckily, the experts from Cricket Betting Advice have analyzed all the aspects of the games ahead and will present you with their findings.

Who Are Cricket World Cup Favourites?

As you know, the ICC World Cup 2023 will feature 10 teams in the competition. Though not all of them have reasons to believe they might become champions, most have a fair shot at the title. In fact, it’s not very often that we see a tournament where sixty percent of teams have a chance to take it all.

And, in this year’s cricket World Cup, this is the situation. Still, not all of those teams are equally favoured to win. England is considered to have the strongest squad. They won the last World Cup, after all. However, that was on home soil, and this time, they’re coming to India.

Now, India, have their reasons to believe in victory as well. As we’ve mentioned, England won as hosts of the competition. The same thing happened in 2015, when Australia were hosting, and in 2011, when India were a part of the hosting squad.

Home advantage looks like the determining factor in many of these competitions, and since they’ve already proven they can win at home, India is looking at another championship with high hopes.

Another team worth mentioning as the favourite is the most consistent of them all: Australia.

The Australians already have five world championships in their trophy case. That says enough about their cricket knowledge and aspirations. The strongest days of Australia’s squad may be behind them, and the Aussies may not be the powerhouse they once were, but these lads come to win. Their squad is full of players with only one goal in mind: to win the trophy and take it back home. And, with that mentality, you always have a chance.

Team to Look Out for in CWC 2023

Pakistan have already shown us that they can play outside of our expectations. It happened last year, in the 2022 T20 WC. Pakistan lost to Zimbabwe but found their way to the finals of the competition.

So, who knows what they’ll prepare for us this year? Maybe a loss to a poorly placed team or a win against India, one of the favoured giants from the top. This team is capable of both of those happening.

Keep an eye out for surprises when making bets, and if there’s a team that might put together a few unexpected events, we believe it could be Pakistan.

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